Dropshipping Store for power generators, welders, garden machine and tools.

Dealer or founder? Here everyone benefits.
It does not matter whether you are already active in e-commerce, or if you have to step into the Internet-independence ahead of them. operate or start your online trading now with our exclusive information

• without start-up capital.
• without staff.
• without risk.

Dropshipping: We ship directly to your customers.

They want products from us (stromerzeuger, stromaggregat, current generator, welding equipment, welding accessories) via your own Internet shop, actively sell on eBay or Amazon, have nothing to do with the product delivery? Then Dropshipping is (in German: dropship) is just right for you. Because with this sales channel, you can continue to sell products to third party customers without equity and no storage costs.
Unlike the pure resale of products you do not buy dropshipping products (generators, welding equipment and welding accessories) before us. Instead, you instruct us to deliver the products directly on your behalf to your customers. These end users will receive the goods in a neutral envelope with your address on it.
And you get the bill sent because they as partners are legally our customer.

Good reasons for the sale with dropshipping.

Concentrate on marketing your products.
You sell products on the sales platform of your choice (for example, Amazon, eBay, own Shop) and at the prices fixed by you.
There is no minimum order quantity. To order from us only really what you really need. But still at discount rates.
When selling our products on your storefront, you determine the prices.
We handle the shipping for you. More information.

We offer for Dropshipping: power generators, welding machines, welding accessories, machinery and tools.